Sunburst (Portuguese) feat Nicki Gonzalez

Story Behind The Song

Portuguese language version of 'Sunburst'. The original song had a Latin feel and I felt a Portuguese language version would work well. Special thanks to Roisin Abbott for the translation and Dave Haddad who was the engineer for the vocal. Nicki Gonzalez take a bow for your superb vocal.

Song Description

A daydream in the sun.

Song Length 4:02 Genre Jazz - Bossa Nova, Jazz - Lounge
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Serene Subject Sun, Colors
Similar Artists Astrud Gilberto Language Portugese
Era 2000 and later


Eu e você
Abaixo dos nuvens
E o sol desponta
Me queima
E tudo fica bem
Tó num mundo no que
Tenho você

Pintamos o céu
Com ouro e azul
Centelha da luz
E você é meu
Esta frase repetirei
Tá muita linda né?
Eu sei!

Sonhos de amor
Não são o que pensei
Se podem enganar
Se podem lograr

what a refreshing voice! nice instrumentation - the producer has done a good job on this one. also the engineer and mixer!

Desculpe, I don't "entendo português" But I believe you when you sing Great vocals, groove, production, instrumentatin and hook..Also at 2:24 the different chord changes.. Parabens

Hi I just finished listening to this track, I really enjoyed it! Love the Jazzy Bossa Lounge feel. The production and arrangement sound very well done I like the choice of sounds and the Para Para hook... Nice vocal work too, I'm Brazilian so I did understand the lyrics :-) Very nice job on this track overall!

Didn't understand a word but loved it. Great sound, great harmony, great horns, great vocals. Smooth, unique song but not way out there - sort of familiar but with it's own vibe. I'd buy this song and would buy their album. Lovely and well done.

Lyrics David James (translation Roisin Abbott) Music David James
Producer Tony Davis add. engineering Dave Haddad Performance Nicki Gonzalez (vocal)
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