Spanish Lullaby (ft. Alex Lomas & Peter Richmond)

Story Behind The Song

Doodling around on the guitar with half diminished chords I came up with a Spanish sounding chord progression to which I added dreamy, romantic lyrics. The song was produced by Paul Worthington at Broadwater Studios. Alex Lomas provided the wonderful rich vocal, framed perfectly by Peter Richmond on guitar.

Song Description

A romantic ballad with a Hispanic feel. Just voice and guitar.

Song Length 4:33 Genre World - European, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Relaxed Subject General
Similar Artists Matt Monro, Agustin Fraile San Martin Language English
Era 1960 - 1969


On the streets of the town
Under a clear unbroken sky
And the dust on the ground
As the people walk on by

And the words come softly to you on the breeze
So sweet

As you turn from the crowd
Must you always prophesy?
That the life that you seek
Is impossible to find

And the words come softly to you through the trees
So sweet

And all the world is spinning round
It's fireworks I found
It's not the way things used to be before you came
And all the things we do and say
Are faded in the light of day
Lost in the air
We hardly make a sound

As your hair reflects the sun
Like pearls in the sky
And the words that you bring to me
You're Spanish lullaby.

Espero mientras el mundo gira
Waiting while the world is turning

Lyrics David James Music David James
Producer Paul Worthington Publisher David James
Performance Alex Lomas (vocal), Peter Richmond (guitar)

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