She Can Fly

Story Behind The Song

As with the Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac song 'Rhiannon' this song was inspired by the same figure from Welsh mythology. It has a more organic feel than some of my songs and once again my voice has been resurrected to perform the lead vocal.

Song Description

Medium fast country/folk/pop.

Song Length 3:16 Genre Country - Rock, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content Subject Sensation
Similar Artists Mumford & Sons Language English
Era 2000 and later


I'm standing on corners
I'm watching the sky
I'm stared at by strangers
As they hurry by

I know what she knows
I know what she knows
I know where she goes
She can fly

I'm waiting for morning
(Colours rise while day is breaking)
Craving the light
(Lost in clouds and time)
I look to the heavens
But I can see that you're mistaken)
And ask how, where and why

I know what she knows
I know what she knows
I know where she goes
She can fly

Beyond the clouds (she goes)
The earth spinning round (in shadows)
Light hits the ground (I know)

She can fly
She can fly

She's making suggestions
(I can see into your mind)
She asks me to choose
(You've nothing more to lose now)
It's out of the question
(Come with me, through sky we'll glide)
Whether I win or lose
(Aah, aah)

I know what she knows
I know what she knows
I know where she goes

She can fly
She can fly
She can fly

Nice song. I'd probably call this more Americana than Country Rock, but that sound is hot right now. Very strong blend of instruments and the rhythm section is tight. A solid, fun listen.

I like the rhythm both voices blend very nicely. It sounds good

I loved the instrumentation on this song. The track sounded like country

Hearing definite sounds of Tom Petty and Bob Dylan here. Unique love song here. Love the hook lyrical line "She Can Fly". Well done, my friend.

Very nice song. Simple, yet sophisticated. I liked it. Loved the background harmonies, as well as the lead vocals. Great voices.
The recording in its entirety was very well done.

Nice Poppy feel to this song. Vocals reminded me of Roy Orbison. Female vocals were a nice surprise and worked very well with the primary vocal. Song had a great rhythm and is memorable. Instrumentation well executed and fits the song well.

Good production, good hook, good instrumentation, good vocal. Good uniqueness of the hook. I really like the melody and it gives a very good quality to the song. The well-defined melody makes a listener remember the song and sing along to it and want to hear it and sing it again.

Great stuff - Beck meets Tom Petty - Well done - Great Mix - Cool Melody - I dug it!

Lead vocalist sounds a lot like like Tom Petty with a Travelling Wilbury's feel - good song structure - like the bridge - good hook

Lyrics David James Music David James
Producer Tony Davis Publisher David James
Performance David James, Tony Davis, Ben Taylor, Anon. but talented female vocalist

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