Story Behind The Song

A 'back to basics' song for me in that it's a standard pop/rock song. And even more of a surprise my rusty voice has returned from exile.

Song Description

Pop/Rock in 3/4 or is it 6/8 time? The song uses metaphor to explore tension between two individuals.

Song Length 3:34 Genre Rock - General, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant Subject Frustration
Similar Artists Elbow Language English
Era 2000 and later


We drift again
Sailing through days, like we don't know the way
Eclipsed again
Like the sun going down on the far side of town

You make a face at me
I'm last in the race I'm bound to be
But I make no predictions of prophesies
As you make it up, (you do)

We drift again
Lost in the haze, like we don't know the way
Eclipsed again
By the sun going down on the lost and the found
You raise the mainsail
While I drop the anchor and take the blame
And I find myself out on a limb again
While you make it up as you go along

We sit in the dark
The screen's burning bright
We're scared of the future
We stare at the night
You're up for a struggle
You're up for a fight
As you make it up (you do)
We drift again
Sailing through days, like we don't know the way
Eclipsed again
Like the sun going down on the far side of town

It's easy to see
We're fighting a war but facing defeat
We're hardened by battle but lost on the streets
As you make it up as you go along (you do)

Somewhere at the back of your mind.

The song as a fantastic feel and the instruments are totally together. Really sets a nice tone and there are enough dynamics to keep it interesting. The vocal is on pitch as well. Excellent song - keep cranking out this kind of well-written material!

Good work here. Very professional recording and execution on all levels. Good song structure and instrumentation is performed flawlessly. Great work!

I really love the natural "granola" qualities of this recording! The lead vocalist grew on me and upon a second listen i found myself liking everything about the track more & more!!! I love-love-love the vocal harmonies- EXCELLENT & AMAZING WORK!!! (Charlie Shock)

Really Really Good!! This is something I would listen too and get lost in (Especially with the head phones on) just like old times. Not blowing smoke here, This song has a very cool vibe! The instrumentation was extremely well arranged and the mix was Great! Great recording!! The lyrics were engaging, the vocals were on point and the performances were on it. Great Work!!! Look forward to hearing more of songs!

Really nice song!! Great lyric metaphor!! The build in the arrangement is great.....love the electric guitar/staccato string combo! Vocal is quite good! Everything is SOOO Well done!!

Outstanding production... probably the beset I have heard here on Broadjam. Excellent lyrics. Progression is fantastic as well are the performances. Love the instrumentation. Mix is top notch. Love the use of violin and the rich textures this song has.

Reminds me of some of the sounds of the 70s's and music the way it was when it still had some substance!

I don,t know really I just like it.

Just an excellent tune. Lyrically and sonicly beautiful. Nice dynamics. Great job! I find it really hard to get a good acoustic guitar, but yours sits nicely in the mix.

Great song, Great lyrics. Tells a cool story! very visable

Lyrics David James Music David James
Producer Tony Davies Publisher David James
Performance David James, Tony Davis, Ben Taylor, Alan Fish

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