I Want To Be Seen

Story Behind The Song

Commissioned by Scottish Road Safety

Song Description

Wearing something bright isn't nerdy - it can save my life, but it also lets me be an individual.

Song Length 3:21 Genre Electronic - Dance
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Delighted Subject I, Me, Mine, Conformity
Language English


If I go out in the dark or I go out in the day,
I wear something cool and bright ? it?s part of my identity.
People tell me what to do
And how to behave
But I wear the clothes I like
It?s cool they keep me safe.

I want to be seen
I want to stand out from the crowd.
It says I?m me
And I want to say it loud.
I want to be seen.

All my friends ? we all go out; we do the things we like to do.
We all wear the things we like: shiny jackets and trainers too.
We don?t want to cause a fuss
We just want to have some fun.
We get a kick from being seen
And it?s safe for everyone.


Mid 8
I don?t want to wear things I don?t think are very cool.
But that doesn?t mean I don?t want to be seen ? cos I?m no fool.

I?ve got badges that reflect the light ? I stick them on my bag and hat.
I?ve got a coat that?s really bright, and I look great when I?m wearing that.
Don?t want to be invisible
I want to shine and be free.
Want my clothes to make me seen
And say I?m me.


Lyrics David Goodall Music David Goodall
Producer David Goodall Performance Louise Montgomery

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