Story Behind The Song

Written after a divorce.

Song Description

Looking at crying in terms of sadness, frustration, dissatisfaction, helplessness, want, desire and hopelessness. None of which are necessary, but it seems none of which are avoidable.

Song Length 7:12 Genre Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Passive Subject Crying, Frustration
Similar Artists Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash Language English
Era 2000 and later


Everybody wants to play the game
Everybody wants the odds the same
No one likes to lose their voice
And no one likes to make a choice

Nobody likes to know they're wrong
Nobody likes to live too long

Everybody cry, cry, cry
Cry, cry, cry.
Cry, cry, cry.
Cry, cry, cry.

No one takes me by the hand
To lead me to the promised land.
No one seems to know the way
Or tell me what the hell to say

Strangers come and go each day
And strangers seem to fade away.

Everybody cry, cry, cry
Cry, cry, cry.
Cry, cry, cry.
Cry, cry, cry.

You always said you'd be there for me - I always knew you didn't care for me
The lies you told - the calls on hold.
My life was nothing before I met you - and nothing on my own


I wonder who you are
And tell me: have you come far?
Do you give everything you own?
Am I left here without a home?

Tears running down my face,
All the pressure and no grace.

Cry, cry, cry.
Everybody cry, cry, cry
Cry, cry, cry.
Cry, cry, cry.
Cry, just cry.
Hold my hand, hold my face and cry
There's nothing that you can give me that I won't take from you.
There's nothing I want, nothing I want to say to you.
Hold me so close, hold me so near - tell me the reason that you're what I fear.
Cry, cry, cry.
Oh honey, cry, cry, cry.
Cry, cry, cry.
Everybody cry, cry, cry.

Lyrics David Goodall Music David Goodall
Producer David Goodall Publisher Soundsmove
Performance David Goodall/Nicola Morrow Label Soundsmove
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