Paulo in my pocket

Story Behind The Song

I read a book by the brilliant writer Paulo Coehlo called " the devil and miss prym ". I loved it so much it inspired the song as it makes you look inward at yourself, your beliefs and your attitudes. Powerful stuff, very spiritual.

Song Description

Great funk number in the style of Lenny Kravitz. Laid back and groovin'.

Song Length 3:45 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Funk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful, Cool Subject Life, Spirituality
Language English Era 2000 and later


Paulo in my pocket

I've got Paulo in my pocket ( Paulo Coehlo )
and a Devil in my head.
I've got the promise of tomorrow
from the books that I have read.
Well! Miss Prym is on my shoulder
and the Stranger is right there too.
They're deviding up their pot of gold
and they're gonna show it all to you.

But we've got nothing to hide from.
We've got nothing to fear.
Just take your pot and burn it baby.
Give it another year.

C. Oh. It's alright. Yes I know.
My angel is right beside me.
It's coming along for the ride.
I can tell you. I can tell you.
Your angel is right beside you.
Right beside you.

Yes it is.

Now I've got money in my pocket
and reason in my head.
I've got 32 yrs of livin'
I'm gonna make out before I'm dead.
'Cause Miss Prym is on the road now
and the Stranger is dressed in black.
'Cause she decided with her pot of gold
Well! She's never coming back.

So we've got everything to live for.
We've got everything to prove.
We've all this love between us.
So pick it up and run you fools.

B. Would you know what to do?
And would God forgive you?
Would you know what to say?
Or get down on your kness and pray?
Would you give up your life?
Anything but your life! Anything but your life!

Solo Ad libs.

Lyrics Dave Mills (c) Music Dave Mills (c)
Producer Dave Mills Performance Dave Mills
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