This Too Shall Pass

Song Length 3:48 Genre Folk - Rock
Mood Moving, Tranquil Subject Worry
Similar Artists John Mayer, Amos Lee

way cool lyrics, lovely honesty in them--nice quiet and meaningful and patient pace--it's called poise my friend, and you did it! well done all the way around. liked the synth in the background that came in, really lended to the feel of the tune.
damn well done, lovely vocal too BTW and the harmony line again so very well done.

Harmonies and vocal quality just about knocked me out from the get go. Such an incredible sound, it's clear someone knows what they're doing on the recording end. I thought the lyrics were phenomenal. I could hear this song on the radio, in movies and ads, really a terrific song. Secondary instruments add a lot, and all the levels are outstanding. The vocals around 2:50 gave me goosebumps. Guitar work is fabulous as well. Cant wait to finish this review and download the song!

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