Christmas is Peace

Story Behind The Song

Last Christmas I was profoundly affected by the fact that even nations fighting a war can lay down their arms for a day, Christmas Day, as happened in World War I. I was inspired to write about it and after coming up with the melody I asked to my friend Rachel Joy Perou to write the lyrics. The result is this duet.

Song Description

Peace, peace IS possible if we are all willing to put aside our differences. Christmas time brings out the best in us, so why can't we carry that through all year around? Christmas is the one time of year when everyone feels the warmth of unity, love and brotherhood. At Christmas families get together, the streets are lit with coloured lights and while we all listen to beautiful songs the whole world over, our hearts are filled with nothing but good. We set aside feelings of jealousy, bitterness or envy and let peace prevail. This is our vision of Christmas!!!! And to you, my friend, what does Christmas mean?

Song Length 4:44 Genre World - Religious, Unique - Holiday
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Sociable, Peaceful Subject Spirituality, General
Language English Era 2000 and later


To you, my friend, what does Christmas mean? (spoken)

Christmas is peace
What does it mean?
Live and let live
We need to give.

Give peace a chance. (Let it be the only dance)
To lighten your heart. (Bring more warmth to your soul)
Let peace be the only way (teach us how to live today)
Let peace pave the way (let peace fill our hearts today)

Christmas is peace (Choir), Hear the bells ring (Singer)
Christmas is peace, Our children sing.
At Christmas time, We've learned to be
United all, And to you, my friend, what does it mean?

If a Christian can wear (peace as a crown)
If a Muslim can wear (peace as a crown)
If a Jew can wear (peace as a crown)
If a Hindu can wear (peace as a crown)

MUSIC GUITAR (We can all live as kings)
MUSIC GUITAR (In this earthly paradise)
MUSIC GUITAR (Every day of the year)
MUSIC GUITAR (Every single, every single, every single day).

Ooh Ooh Choir

Why do we force our beliefs on our brothers
Professing ours are better than all others? (spoken)

(At Christmas time), We let goodness reign
(Christmas is peace), We can change our ways
(Christmas is peace), Bring peace every day
(Christmas is peace), Every single, every single day.

And to you, my friend, what does Christmas mean? (spoken)

Lyrics Rachel Joy Perou Music Dassolo aka Danilo Gonella
Producer Dassolo aka Danilo Gonella Performance Elena Aloe (female vocals and choir), Rachel Joy Perou (spoken voice), Roberto "Bobo" Campana (Drums), Raffaele Esposto (clarinet and Tenor Sax), Marta and Giulia Gonella (female choir)
Label Pogli Studios

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