Top Of My Heart

Song Length 3:06 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Era 2000 and later


TOP OF MY HEART - Music/Lyrics Daryl Muma 6/2011

Well I live in a place where I can't say a word
I speak but never heard
Breathe and pray each day to be sane
It's a mind field, I can't explain

In a day of a life that is edges and thorns
A lesson never learned
Hold your tongue check your dreams at the door
Take a seat, watch 'em burn

To the top, of the heart
And rise above this law
To the end, of the dark
The high road's this light out
And maybe, someday, I'll be saved

War by war and word by word
Your battles fill these sails
How deep how strong these winds don't ignore
There's a reason for hurricanes


BRG: I see life leaving me these....
Daze, I'm in is stealin..
Piece this together..
The message is clear

....And maybe someday, I'll be sane...

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