Saying Goodbye

Song Length 5:44 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Era 2000 and later


SAYING GOODBYE - Music/Lyrics Daryl Muma - 2012

Here I sit in my morning chair
Alone again, I just think and stare at you
A framed, you and I

It was a time, full of love
Funny faces, waterfalls and sun
The wonder, in your eyes
Oh, where did those days go

CH: Walkin through these doors again, I often wonder why
Just a name, posted, cold, in letters black and white
Thousands of pictures, people, Lord knows that we try
But I'm so tired of sayin goodbye....

It was a summer of games and gloves,
Lines of white, the stories we could tell,
Those days and nights

We were strong we'd never fall,
In our eyes the kid we never lost,
Or regrets, just time
Oh, where did those days go

CH: Sittin at the same old waterfront, I wonder why
Just a name, a sign, it's posted, letters, black and white
Thousands of pictures, people share, Lord knows we will try
But I'm so tired of sayin goodbye

BRG: Living in the moment as the words they will remind
We will get past these days, the sun will always rise
Embrace the laughter, lights and sounds of livin life
Souvenirs are broken, lost, before you realize


Times were high, then times would die
Couldn't shake you, the focus and desire
Won't be denied

Runnin hard it stole your grace,
Slow down she said, enjoy these days don't race,
Don't lose that smile
Oh don't let these days go

CH: Sittin on that same old porch, I often wonder why
Just a name typed in letters, 3 times, black and white
Thousands of words I've read, telling me not to try
Aren't you tired of sayin goodbye

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