Story Behind The Song

It is a song about someone who holds emotions inside (harbouring them) and doesn't know whether to let them out and be honest with the person he is falling for - will it be better to remain unrequited or risk it all and tell his feelings?

Song Description

A one instrument, one vocal performance demo. Piano-led ballad sung by male vocal.

Song Length 4:43 Genre Pop - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Worried, Poignant Subject Searching for Love, Shyness
Language English Era 2000 and later


Harbouring these feelings like an ocean hides its pearls,
Like a little boy, afraid to tell the little girl,
And if I told these feelings, would the world be better off?
A stratosphere of emotion running wild?

I hear a world say spit it out,
I glimpse the blue behind the cloud,
Should I thank you for making me feel again?
So much to lose, but love to gain,
I?m scared to feel this all in vain,
Should I tell you or will it just bring you pain?

Keeping back these feelings like a whore pretends to love,
She?s enjoying it or so he thinks: is pretence really enough?
And if these growing feelings keep reducing me to tears,
There?s nothing else to do but take the bait?


Those feelings trapped, I?ve been a harbour,
I?ve kept it all inside,
But now they?re gonna burst the banks, I?m in two minds,
We can?t go back into the harbour,
If the words come spilling out?


Lyrics Nick Edwards Music Nick Edwards
Producer Nick Edwards Performance Nick Edwards

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