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"Sing It" is my humble attempt to promote peace through music. The title says it all- Sing It. That is Joy to the world and loving one another. It's that simple. All we have to do is love one another to see change (a positive change) It is not that hard when you think about it.

Song Length 5:39 Genre Pop - Easy Listening
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


Sing It

Written by: Carl A. Peterson

Oh, I can't believe the things I see today.
All the war, all the bloodshed, is our world in such dismay?
But what about the children. What will their futures bring, if we can't learn to teach them about love and harmony.

It's time we come together.
Brother, we got to learn.
Why can't we come together?
(Help me learn it.)

(1st verse)
If we spent our time, giving love to all mankind.
Think how the world would be- a greater place for you and me.
So why not strive for love.
Strive for love and strive for peace.
So we can live together in perfect harmony. If we..

Sing it. I want you to Spread it.
(Spread your love)
Joy to the world.
Love one another.
Sing it. I want you to spread it.
(Spread your love)
Joy to the world.
Love one another in harmony.
(Gotta be harmony)

(2nd verse)
Take a look around.
That man's your brother.
No need to fight him.
We can live on earth together.
People, we gotta take a stand.
Take a stand to save this land.
Stop the fighting.
Stop the killing.
We got to save this world we live in.


We gotta break all the chains that make us hateful.
Learn to forgive and forget; and then, just let it go.
Focus your mind on the positive.
And never give in to the fears of the end, because love always wins in the end.
Love always wins in the end.

We got to learn to love one another.
(Sing it. Spread it.)
We got to learn to trust another.
(Sing it. Spread it.)
We got to learn to respect one another.
(Sing it. Spread it.)
We got to learn to help one another.
So we can save this world we're living in...Yeah.
(Brother, we got to learn)


Got to learn.
Help me learn.
Brother we got to to trust one another.
Got to learn.
Help me learn.
Sister, we must respect one another.

Music Carl Peterson "Cthesource" formerly Socerer P Performance Featuring Justin Time
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