Curious@714 Remix

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This is a song about a guy who really loves his girl; but sometimes comes off like he's looking for something/someone other than her. So frustrated with her and himself, he tries one last time to explain to her about his curiosity. But he doesn't know what will happen next. So he finally decides to catch a train and leave it all behind at 7:14.

Song Length 5:52 Genre Pop - General, Jazz - Contemporary


Girl, I know we've had some troubling times. And I'm so sorry for being unkind to you; for what I put you through.
I don't know what I'd do with out you.
I know you keep me. You know you keep me so grounded. Yes you do.

Baby, I don't why I'm so curious.
I can't explain it don't know why.
I'm so curious.
No matter how hard I try. I'm still curious.
I'm just curious. I'm only curious.
Baby, why can't you see. I'm just curious.

You know that I love you. Oh yes I do, girl. And it's only you, only you.
And I cant see me without you.
And girl, that's the truth. And I swear to you- that it's only been just you.

Girl I hope that you know; cause you know that I'm sorry. But I know, yeah, that we'll be together again. And I hope that you think about me like I been thinking about you. But I gotta go. I gotta do what I gotta do.

Cause my train is leaving. My train is leaving at 7:14. (7:14 Yeah) repeat 1x

Curious (repeat)

Curious. I'm just curious. Only curious.

Lyrics Carl A. Peterson Music Carl A. Peterson
Producer Carl A. Peterson Performance Carl A. Peterson

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