If We All Pull Together

Song Description

If We All Pull Together was written and produced by Dominick Pages , founding member of the band Crystal Blue. Being from New York himself he felt compelled to do something meaningful to help the survivors and the families of the victims of the September

Song Length 4:58 Genre Rock - General


Are we united? ?Cause a house against itself won?t stand
Seems we?re very divided, Hell it?s every man for every man.
There?s an ember that will burn in our hearts for so long.
Helping each other when we?re down will make this country strong.


We can move a mountain, We can cross the sea,
We can put out a fire, When we all pull together!
We can feed the hungry, We can cure disease
We?ll change the world, If we all pull together!

My God what have they done? They're not helping anyone
Been hit with blinders on, Afraid what we'll see
But I know we have a purpose. Purpose fills the reason.
Birth of a new season Just you wait and see

Lyrics Dominick Pages Music Dominick Pages
Producer Dominick Pages Publisher C Blue Music Publishing
Performance Dominick Pages Label CB Records
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