More Than I'd Ever Be

Song Length 4:53 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Duet Male


Man 1:
Hello Anne.
I know it's late...
I was at the bar
On yet another date.
But I left early,
Snuck out the back,
Started walking,
I admit that I lack tact.

See I've been thinking; dreaming
As of late
Of a white picket fence
With a white picket gate
Leading up to my destiny
A white house with shutters of blue...
That I'd share with you.

We could be more than I'd ever be,
If you'd be my wife.
Tucked away, living happily.
Our safe perfect life
With two boys our children
And one on the way.
Make me more than I'd ever be
Day after day.

Man 2:
Hello Anne.
What's my line?
See I've been down
This road so many times.
Find a girl,
Fall in love,
Settle down,
But when push comes to shove

I find myself anxious; restless
Stagnant or still,
Aching for more
Want to see other shores
Want to travel the world until...
One look and I suddenly knew...
I'd see it with you.

We could be more than I'd ever be
Upon the wind.
Fly to Paris, Greece, or Belize,
I'd let you in.
The stars and the oceans
Our humble abode.
Make me more than I'd ever be
Out on the road.

Man 1:
Don't you listen to him,
He's always been-

Man 2:

Man 1:
Going off on a whim
Don't you think

Man 2:
He's a bit boring
Where's love in

Man 1:

See I'm here and I'm stable
And perfectly capable.
I'm down on my knees
Begging marry me please.

Man 2:
Just look at his frown.

Man 1:
He's a cad and a clown.

Man 2:
I'll sweep you off your feet.

Man 1:
We'll live on a quiet street.
Man 2:
I could be more than I'd ever be,

Man 1 echo:
(More than I'd ever be)

Man 2:
With you by my side.

Man 1:
An unworthy groom and a beautiful bride.

Man 2 echo:
(Standing next to you...)
(I'm unworthy)

Man 2:
A love unconditional

Man 1:
A place to belong
Make me more than I'd ever be

Man 2:
More than I'd ever be...

Man 1:
More than I'd ever be...

Man 2:
More than I'd ever be...

More than I'd ever be...

I would be more than I'd ever be
If you loved me.

Lyrics Connor Antenucci Music Collin Whitfield
Performance Collin Whitfield, Connor Antenucci
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