Livin' Easy(girl)

Song Length 3:34 Genre Pop - Easy Listening


words by : Roger Carter / Mike Di Nardo
music by : M ike Di Nardo -
Life`s got plenty goin` good
Don`t want no mondays if I could
By the pool side i'm just fine
Mojito, yeah ,yeah, life`s a rhyme
And nothing gets me acting crazy
Never , never , never
When thoughts get too messy
Take a nap, they go away
Just doin' things as I please
Yeah man just takin` it easy
Oh yeah, watch the sea rolling on
All my worries are up and gone
Sunny days and palm trees
Like a kid's mouth full of candies
I just can`t believe I walk the beach
Just like some choose to walk on wall street
So being laid back is the way to go
To feel that ecstacy
Just doin`things as I please
Yeah man just takin` it easy
You wanna be first in the rat race
Making sure you claim that first place
Wanna be seen as a famous face
Me I'll take a life that's easy
Just doin' things as I please
Yeah man just takin' it easy
Man I'm holding life's key
Yeah man just takin' easy
Livin' easy
© Mike Di Nardo 2009 / © Roger Carter 2009

Lyrics Carter Music DiNardo

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