Song Length 3:09 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Distressed, Troubled Subject Madly In Love, Worry
Language English Era 2000 and later


Music & Words by: Tony Ning and Chris Ning (copyright 2005)

Chasing demons swimming in my head
Tossing turning wrestling with my bed
4 a.m. and I can?t get to sleep
Won?t somebody pull me from the deep?

Sunlight breaks and I am still awake
Paranoid our love will be a mistake
Don?t need this heart, I don?t need the pain
Can?t get you out of my head, I?m going insane

Won?t somebody tell me what to do
Life is barely hanging by a screw
Sky is falling down
Can?t get my face off the ground
Seems that everything has come unglued
Drowning in love with you ? Oh Yeah

Look outside the sun begins to bake
Head is burning I just can?t concentrate
Like a roaring wave coming out of the blue
Condemned to thoughts of love with you


Can?t you see you ripped my soul apart
Your lies have choked and stabbed at my heart
Don?t think I could handle too much more
Without you baby it?s not worth fighting for.

Lyrics Tony Ning and Chris Ning Music Tony Ning and Chris Ning
Producer Tony Ning and 199 Studio Publisher Tony Ning and Chris NIng
Performance Chris Ning Label Dragon Star Music
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