Forever With You

Song Length 3:47 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Alternative


Forever With You
(words & music by Chris Minkema)

I see you running, running away
But you?re no farther than yesterday
I knew you were running but I never knew
That you were running away from you
?is there anything I can do
you know I?ll be here if you need me to
cause remember I?m forever with you

I can show you all the lovely things you miss
While you?re hiding your eyes
You might just be surprised
And I can tell you all the lovely feelings you bring
To the world you see, all the feelings in me


I can show you if you really believed in something
It could really be yours
Could open all the doors
And I can tell you that I really have faith in you
If only you did too, you?d just might make it thru


?is there anything I can do
you know I?ll be here if you want me too
Cause remember I?m forever with you
just remember I?m forever with you

Copyright 2000 C. Minkema

Lyrics Chris Minkema Music Chris Minkema
Producer Chris MInkema Performance Chris Minkema - all instruments & vocals

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