Stop the War

Story Behind The Song

This was written in the early 90's around the time of Desert Storm. I didn't know Johnny personally but he was the son of so many of my parents' friends and he was the brother and friend to all of us.

Song Description

The title says it all. We send our sons and daughters to war and the families are left at home to worry. The worry never ceases. It's inescapable. We love them all and just want them home safely.

Song Length 4:02 Genre Rock - Americana, Rock - Hard Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Distressed, Troubled
Subject Armed Forces, War Similar Artists Metallica, The Rolling Stones
Language English Era 1990 - 1999


Watch the tube for news regarding my brothers off to war
Don't know
Just hope Johnny comes marching home
Days gone past
This war can't last
We've lost another troop
They're gone
They're gone
All gone
Why can't we bring them home?
Bring him home
Bring him home I said
Mom won't smile
The tears they flow again
The dog won't eat
The days don't seem so bright
Bring him home
Bring him home
I said bring him home before he ends up dead
I can't take it
Not, no anymore
Stop the war
Stop the war
Stop the war

Nice melody. Great BASS line.

The guitar is excellent.
i think this song has marketing potential

Great original song and arrangement. Really liked this one. Curious about the artist. Great sentiment.

nice spacious live recording, lots of breathing room. it reminds of the cure vocally. I like it.
interesting chromatic changes. Good tones

Your message is very clear and passionately delivered. Instrumentation matches your passion, especially in those great licks at the end. Nice addition of the "Johnny comes marching home". Adding familiar phrases like that gives your song a link to the past and credibility. Great lead guitar work.

very interesting/relevant lyrics, the musicianship seems solid, nice guitar work, drums too.

A very laid back song with a unique chord progression. Incredible vocal performance and range!! Great concluding solo as well!

I'll bet this song melts the walls when you play it live. I could envision this really stretching out. I think the music and lyrics are well married. This crosses many genre's in my mind; alt-country, a taste of jam band (a la My Morning Jacket)and a few echoes of San Francisco classic rock. Very passionate playing and singing. Great job!!!!

Great musicianship on this one! Love the guitar work! Nice groove with that drummer in the pocket.

Great sound. The track sounds really good from the start and all the instruments are well performed and fit together well. Lyrics are good too.

I liked the live feel that this had, the vocals sounded like they needed a bit of polishing. Nice guitars and melody. That solo came out of nowhere and was really cool!! good luck to you liked it all as it got going nice groove@ peace jim

Very patriotic lyrics

Has a nice swing to it...passion in the lyric

Lyrics Chris Boyden Music Boyden, Buscher and Nelson
Producer Chris Boyden Publisher Chris Boyden
Performance Boyden, Buscher and Nelson
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