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When you lie in bed at night, you sometimes get a sense that you are very alone..your wife/husband cannot really know you in the real depths of who you are. God does, but despite this knowledge that He does, we (as fragile, earthly humans) sometimes want

Song Description

Although we can have a spiritual relationship with God, we sometimes want to have a very earthly, human relationship...where we can call God up and pop by His place for a cup of coffee and a we do with our human friends.

Song Length 2:42 Genre Pop - Religious, Blues - Gospel
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Religion Language English
Era 2000 and later


FRIENDS (2:42)
Copyright Frank naude

I wish that I could - give You something - worthy in return
For all the love and grace - when You stood in my place
Thank you ? thank you Lord

I wish that I could call you up ? or maybe just drop on by
And we could walk - and talk ? about life
?cause that?s the kind of thing ? friends do

Sometimes when I lay to rest ? and sleep won?t come
Though I try my best ? I get to thinking ? who knows my thoughts ? my heart
But You oh Lord ? and it?s lonely when we don?t know how - to be special

Sometimes I need just to see Your face
Sometimes I just to hear You say
I?m here for you ? and oh - it?s OK
Cause that?s the kind of thing ? friends do

Teach me Lord to dwell ? always in your presence
?till You?re more real ? than flesh & wood & gold & glass & steel
Give me more than just the words to say ? to You - sweet Jesus
Let?s do the kind of things ? friends do.
Let?s do the kind of things ? friends do

Lyrics Frank Naude Music Frank Naude and friends
Producer Frank Naude Publisher Frank Naude
Performance Frank Naude, John Mason, Philip John Label Frank Naude

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