Sunday Morning (Solo)

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Top Ten - Folk Top Ten - New Age #1 New Age #1 Folk

Song Length 3:26 Genre Folk - Americana, Folk - Americana
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Serene Subject Relationship, Falling in Love
Similar Artists Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Language English
Era 2000 and later


"Sunday Morning"
Lyrics and music by Chet Nichols
Copyright 2011 by Chet Nichols/Magic Garage Music (ASCAP)
All Rights Exclusive and Reserved ::: DADGAG

1. A painted dawn
A summer breeze
Drift through the curtains
'Round you and me
I watch you sleep
Then you open your eyes
And draw me to you
And our souls collide

Whispering softly
Moving slow and cool
Passions embracing
Till I feel you swoon

The summer lilacs filled the air
The sunlight lighting up your hair
Simple perfection sweet and rare
Are the memories of making love with you
On Sunday morning

2. You're in the kitchen
Making eggs with cheese
Bacon and pancakes
Sweet berries and cream
A vase full of flowers
Some jam and bread
You walk in smiling with our
Breakfast in bed

We drink our coffee
And I read the news
Sharing all the stories
And wondering if they're true

We take a shower, I wash your hair
We wind up back in bed and making love again
We dress and walk down to the street
Stroll to a café filled with memories
Of Sunday morning

Great feel to this track. Acoustics sound great

Paints a lovely picture right from the start. The vocal is nice and smooth and the guitars are very well played and placed.

very pleasant voice, nice guitar sound,and guitar playing, very pretty song.liked the lyrics.

Wow!! loved this from the very first note. The two acoustic guitar parts are just superb! (drop D or open G/DADGAD perhaps). Great voice, sits in the mix perfectly, really good delivery of some great lyrics, painted a real picture. I just loved this, thanks for putting a smile on my face and good luck.

Really great guitars on this nicely recorded and a well constructed song. The story/imagery is also really well done.
Sounds like you had some great Sunday mornings.

All very competently performed. Nice imagery that goes well with the feeling of the music. The sound of the song seems commercial enough to sell - perhaps as soundtrack for a film or ad.

A sweet love song - a memory set to music. Very romantic and evocative like a very short short story sung softly to soft guitar - beautiful, soft guitar complementing the narrative. Love and nostalgia and the detailed memory make it a lovely song.

Loved the intro with the harmonics. Very nicely produced - it sounded great. Compelling vocal performance. I liked the stereo separation. Excellent guitar playing..DADGAD tuning?

Lyrics Chet Nichols Music Chet Nichols
Producer Chet Nichols Publisher Chet Nichols (ASCAP) & Magic Garage Music (ASCAP)
Performance Chet Nichols Label Magic Garage Music (ASCAP)
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