Backstage (Folk/Americana)

Story Behind The Song

When you are actually blessed with the ability and support to be able to perform your music on a regular basis, it can be quite a journey. Touring is exciting, but it also has it lonely moments on top of very exciting moments where audiences are enjoying a show and where you get to meet new people. Still, it has its reflective moments, in that way is mirrors our daily lives. This song was inspired by these aspects and moments in a touring musician who begins to look for more from the process. He misses having a soul mate and dreams of having one and a family of children. In the end of the song, his dream comes true in a way he never imagined.....

Song Description

This is a resurrected song about the days out on the touring road going from town-to-town and city-to-city and performing and writing songs. If you've ever been on the road (I was for 16 years).....this will bring back memories.

Song Length 5:41 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Serene Subject Searching for Love, Show Biz
Similar Artists Kenny Loggins, Kenny Rankin Language English
Era 2000 and later


Words and Music by Chet Nichols
Copyright 1978/2014 by Chet Nichols/Magic Garage Music (ASCAP)
Please contact: :: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

There goes another traveling man
Out in LA, to play another one-night stand
It's hard to leave all the stars in the hills
Who are freezing their hearts out with hundred dollar bills
There's an open microphone
At a club down the street
With his old guitar wearing new strings
He sits and waits to be seen
Adrift in the clouds, aloft in his dreams
Dreaming of love, dreaming it backstage
Looking for love, seeking it backstage
Singing of love, singing it backstage

City stories, highways and farms
And visions of a family with children wrapped up in his arms
He's got broken teeth and a golden heart
And twenty years of songs taped to his guitar
He wears his songs like a uniform
And travels the 2-lane highways thru the sun and the storms
Asleep in his van, aloft in his dreams
He's dreaming of love, dreaming it backstage
Looking for love, seeking it backstage
Singing of love, singing it backstage

Then one night out in Kansas City
He heard an angel's silhouette
She was singing of magical moments
When two hearts share a sweet duet

Now, they're singing of love, out on the big stage
They found their true love, out on the big stage
They're sharing their love, out on the big stage

Really solid recording. The harmonies add a lot to the verses, and really carry what is a strong hook. Everyone's instinct is to go high on the harmonies, but letting the lead rise above your tight tenor harmonies reminds me of a style that is long forgotten. Beautiful. I like the hook, and think its a pleasant surprise from what i was expecting in the verses. The harmonica adds a lot to the recording.

Right off, loved the harmonica intro and the guitar sounded so nice with the harp, and then your voice came in, so smooth adding the great melody and much vibe, really nice feel.
The second vocal comes in at just the right time and adds just the right touch. One of your best!! Nicely done.

nice laid back story folk song with a country edge to it.
nice vocal and style ideal chilling song has that dreamy quality to it.

great sound. strong mix. the harmonica is awesome. the harmonies are nice. just a well crafted song.

Lyrics Chet Nichols Music Chet Nichols
Producer Chet Nichols Publisher Chet Nichols (ASCAP) & Magic Garage Music (ASCAP)
Performance Chet Nichols Label Magic Garage Music
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