Who Are We

Song Length 3:24 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Incensed, Aggressive Subject Revolution, Change
Similar Artists 2Pac, Ice Cube Language English
Era 2000 and later


Verse One:
Stabbed in the heart with darts sparking the MENTAL all I can really do is sit and write with this PENCIL. Insults hidden under breath of KINFOLKS. Say what you say and I'm forced to END THOSE rumors and LIES disQUISED by MURDEROUS EYES watching for me to move waiting for me to DIE. Suicide didn't seem a choice BEFORE seemed an easy out instead of dealing WITH YOURS. But now? HUH I'd put a gun to my HEAD if it wasn't for the fact that i can't afford LEAD. It's hard to wake up and have to FACE MY FACE try and feel what I feel man TASTE WHAT I TASTE the salty rumours peppered with lies that DESTROY// Like a soldier on orders I'm forced to DEPLOY. enjoy the blah blah watch as i get to POPPIN even under all this pressure there's just no stoppin//

CHORUS: We taking over the industry marching through the STREETS// Dressed in all black they wanna know WHO ARE WE//
We fertilize the mind like earth worms in the dirt// It is the new born hip-hop can you feel the birth//

Friend ain't friends enemies seem CLOSER ones got a smile while the other will TOAST YA off ya drop ya kill you on the SPOT if it means the difference of one of you on TOP so i keep a small crew no crowd of THUGS i'd rather have 5 people ready to throw SLUGS i know my homies they got my SPINAL i got their back like a chiropractor man that's FINAL suicidal thoughts lead me to CUTTIN track after track before my life whittles to NOTHIN and i ain't saying i wanna OFF MYSELF point is i kill these tracks pick them up OFF THE SHELF grab the CD and SEE ME LYRICALLY change the whole game so everyone is HEARIN ME the FEARIN ME there pop days are DROPPIN and even under all this pressure there's just no stoppin


It's like V for VENDETTA aint no one BETTA yeah BETTA, BETTA get a 9 BERETTA .45 or something that's gonna cut through my LEATHER the only way to succeed, to get me REDDER is the same approach JFK end up GETTIN stop me completly make my heart stop HITTIN LISTEN even those who make it are just WANNABE'S I'd give my left lung just to hear ONE OF THESE true down to the CORE rhymes GALORE need I say MORE the question aint there to answer it's PURE your simple SYLLABLES is KILLIN YA"LL making me SICK. it's an underground storm and we about to make a SWITCH. We taking over the industry coming through the FRONT to give people real hip-hop it's what they WANT so ladies and gentleman get to STOMPIN even under all this pressure there's just no STOPPIN


Lyrics C. Jonez Music Cali Jonez
Producer Cali Jonez Performance C. Jonez
Label T-N-T Records

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