Plastic Rap f Wallah

Story Behind The Song

reflecting on the current state of rap

Song Description

almost satirical take on the rap industry. Back and forth between 2 rappers

Song Length 3:51 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male
Mood Disturbed, Annoyed Subject Musician, Insults
Similar Artists Eminem, Lupe Fiasco Language English
Era 2000 and later


Plastic Rap

v1: CaiNo
Come on Wallah, I ain't wanna have to do it / woke the sleeping giant with the beat and then i run through it / screw it if they need a little proof then I'm a prove it / if they need a little help up out they seat then I'm a move it / I'm assuming rather prudently these acts is actin stupidly and I couldn't give a rodents caboose if I'm under scrutiny / it's mutiny / been having these illusions rather lucidly that losers are intruding on something that I had used to be in love with / dumb ish I wish i had a gun / so i could point it to the back of the industry while they run / they ish on anybody displaying any intelligence and explain it by saying that what we spittin ain't relevant/ but they revel in the fact that everybody got a gat / everybody on the trap / everybody this and that / well everybody ain't relatin and they think the ish is whack and I'm unwrapping this attraction thats known as the plastic rap

These cats see through I call em plastic rap / if there's something you need covered they can handle that / a couple dollars in they pocket and its not a stack / but they gonna fake it till they make it jack and thats a fact

I need a guy with mad rings
yea we got that
I need a rapper that can sing
yea we got that
You got a song that sounds like this?
we got that
Now lets sit back and get rich
yea we bout that

Plastic rap, these cats ain't nothin but plastic rap / swear they ain't sayin nothin just plastic rap, there's so much frontin in plastic rap / but the people keep wantin this plastic rap

v2: Wallah
Come on CaiNo, I ain't havin that / Wallah spit plastic rap / never been the one to stretch it out over elastic / tracks when i spit it its the magic can you grasp it / Silicone bars can't hold up in the traffic / Still its known these generic rappers get passed us / With they lollypop lines and they bubble gum gadgets / And they are faking every facet its the masses / and the industry condones it so we're left with foggy glasses and reality is simply just a wipe across the lense / i sit and think like the nerve of the b***ards / doin what i been lovin to do since back when / Its something in my pen to keep what im writin official / Plastic rap dismissal / I keep a modern pistol / For all you fake puppets thats doin what you been told to do / spittin that trash i'm disposin you


v3: back and forth
W: You know I'm not with the plastic rap I spit authentic
These guys are so stretched out they could OD off of a gimmick
C: I wish that I had a simple mind, but I push it to the limit when I'm with my kind / and with this amount of talent I am going to grind up / any of you suckas tryna f with mine
W: Wannabes stay in line, you had your little run but its our time / Wallah, Zombie Muzik, we on the climb / plastic rap is like the body without the spine
C: I must admit Wallah, you kinda gave it to em / they try to hide from the truth but the truth can not elude em / but if we keep tellin the truth then maybe we're gonna lose before we get the chance to improve em but the point is moot cuz all i know is...


catchy hook. Lyrics are good. Good quality recording

It's original the music & emcees. Plastic Rap. Good ish homie. Keep doin y'all! Salute!

When this first played I was unsure about the clap sound and rhythm but as it progressed, it became a really good feature and grew on me - 10/10 for originality and stretching my expectations. The same with the instrumentation, it really grew on me and then the hook kicked in and it became clear that this is written by musicians who really know song form. The message of the song is clear and simple "Plastic Rap". This is an on going theme in Hip Hop as its important for rappers to be "real" and not fake. The rappers have got really great flow and cool lyrics like "Lollypop lines and bubblegum gadgets", slick delivery too.

Lyrics CaiNo / Wallah Music CaiNo
Producer CaiNo Performance CaiNo / Wallah

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