Fibber McGee

Story Behind The Song

Archives of old radio shows on the internet brought about the idea for this song. Sadly, no AM radios were used in the creation of this music...

Song Description

singer recalling old-time radio comedy show to his family

Song Length 5:30 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Glad Subject Change, Home
Similar Artists indie home studio : low-fi Language English
Era 1960 - 1969


Go get your sister, go get your brother
And sit down here with me, we're gonna listen together
To this old-time radio show, we're gonna laugh forever
Fibber McGee and Mollie know how to - tell a good story

Back in the old time was radio, before YouTube and cell-phones
A wooden box in your living room, turn it on see the tubes bloom
I could get the daily news, and I get the daily weather too
And if it had a phonograph cool,
I could spin my records for you

Exchanging gifts at the Bon-Ton, Laura and the Lop-Sided Pine Tree
The Circus Comes to Town, National Pancake Week
Driving to the Big Football Game, Molly Gets Flowers From a Man
Fibber Loses His Key Ring at the Show, McGee Gets a Job at the Hardware Store

Spaghetti Dinners, Missing Screwdrivers
Dog-License Problem,
McGee and the Stage Director
Caught in a Suit of Armor,
Trying to Hang Wallpaper

Very well written and well arranged piece. Very soulful reflection of "the good old days". Great beat and song has a really nice flow to it.

Lyrics DJ Keohan Music DJ Keohan
Producer DJ Keohan Performance DJ Keohan


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