Falling Deeper

Song Description

This is a COVID love song about having a relationship during the lockdown

Song Length 3:43 Genre Pop - Europop, Electronic - Dance
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal


Falling Deeper

Verse 1:
Forget everything you've heard
How could anything get better?
Things have gone out of control

I don't care what's going on
Unaware of what the news says
Just don't wanna make it on
My own (Owwnn)

Then you put me on my feet
And you reached down deep inside of me
You found in me a way
A way

And you lift me off the ground
When darkness is around
You're making your way inside of me
So silently

Chorus :
(I know) Love's gonna lift us up
We're gonna give our all
And if we should hit the wall
We're still gonna make it

(I know) If there's nowhere left to go
And nobody else to know
I will always be by your side
Cause we're gonna make it

From the way you move
And the way you touch
And the way you move
I'm falling deeper

From the way you move
And the way you touch
You make all seem fine
We're gonna make it

Verse 2:
Never thought I'd lose my mind?Never thought I'd be so damn blind?Think the world has lost its path?When the time is passing by?And the shadows have surrounded?Us, and I only trust you?Trust you

Lyrics Ray MacDonald Music Ray MacDonald
Producer Ray MacDonald Publisher Ray MacDonald

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