Song Description

Old School, pro-latino song. Cool and fun at the same time

Song Length 3:12 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Latin - Rock
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Cool, Welcoming Subject Pride
Similar Artists War Language Multi-Language
Era 2000 and later


Hey yo BT, what's up big Tank
I'm gonna tell you a story about this OG I know from the hood
Ready to roll.
And this old-school veterana
She one of a kind man
Drop it, A ver.
Kickin Cortez fresh out of the box
Gotcha 3 flowers and ya snow-white socks
Locs are da shades, da ink is O' English
Homey got paid he's looking quite distinguished

Shining up chrome on yo sparkle blue Impala
All windows down and bounce it for La Rasa
Roll da seat back hit-cho stereo sound
All the pretty ladies wanna chase you around

Met Chica Loca forgot to holla back
Tiene so many lovers it's hard to keep track
You gotta reputation all over this town
He gotta lady hot Mexican AKA Sexi-can

Habanero, Habanero, just ride it low
Habanero, Habanero, hitting hydros
Habanero, Habanero, in your lo lo
Habanero, Habanero, that's how you roll

She only rides with you if you got the fly wheels
You best be rollin' beats or the Oldies for reals
When she opens up the door and her feet hits the ground
All the fine vatos wanna chase her around

When de drop into Bolo , there's always doce or three.
Bouncers cut the line, hot chicas in for free (Yeah Chola)
Lace top, mini skirt, heels black stilettos
Don't try and make move, without mucho dinero (Yo Tengo dinero)

She hangin with Amigas she bringin' all the noise
When she turn hardcore she dress just like the boys
Gotta reputation all over this town
She's a lady hot Mexican AKA Sexi-can

Habanero tells you this and that
Habanera tells you where it's at (Say what what?)
Habanero always seen and heard (I heard it all)
Habanera gets the last word.

Habanero, Habanero, that's how your roll
Habanero, Habanero, you ride it low
Habanera, Habanera, that's how you roll
Habanera, Habanera, your ride it low
Habanero, Habanero,
Habanero, Habanero,
Habanera, Habanera,
Habanera, Habanera,
You BT bring that guitar down homey

Habanero, Habanera!, that;s how you roll
You ain't hot unless you an Habanera

Lyrics Brian Thoryk Music Brian Thoryk
Producer Brian Thoryk Publisher Brian Thoryk
Performance Brian Thoryk Label Brian Thoryk

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