Queen of Spades

Song Description

Getting over the pain and mistakes of the past and moving onto a better life

Song Length 6:23 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Modern


Getting up
The sun is going to rise
But its not always so bright
Shades red, black and gray

Nothing is left
Feels oh so lost and bound
Gotta find a better way

I knew when I saw you
I wanted to know you
I wanted to show you
You are mine

Well I know in my mind
You would satisfy
Make me stand again

I will try
I will realize
You are my Queen of Spades
Look in your eyes
See the sky the moon
I feel so strange

Waves cross the sand
But sometimes
The smoothest love scene
There's only one body of water
You were sent here for me

Verse 2
You jut stepped right into my life
You just pulled up a chair
Say what is your name

I see the stars in your eyes
Oh, I'm hypnotized
Make me stand again


Don't you know
you are my dream
Don't you know
I'll take the time
Wanna be your everything

You know without your love
Life is not quite the same
It gets stronger every day

Guitar solo

Don't you know
Don't you know


Lyrics Brian Forrestal Music Brian Forrestal
Producer Brian Forrestal
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