Southwestern Girl

Song Length 3:54 Genre Country - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Similar Artists Rascal Flatts, Tim Mcgraw


You and I made memories, four years, of teenage feelings,
Now this distance game ain't an easy thing.
You left me with nothin' but a picture frame, girl you know it ain't the same,
Go to bed, rest your head, I'll be there when you wake

Eight hours ain't nothing to me, I'll just hop down from Tennessee
Knowing there will never be a night, I regret this drive
Your sweet voice keeps me alive, but it kills me when we say good-bye
I'll do anything in the world
For my little southwestern girl
For my little southwestern girl ?

Been six, long hard years, lucky enough, you never disappeared
Now I have every highway sign memorized.
How many red sunsets, have I seen, I forget,
But I'd see them all again to make you smile. ?

I'm outa words now, lets get out of town
Let this Dixie highway soothe your soul
Sing me a song, if I know the words I'll sing along
Let's fall in love again out on this empty road.

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