Back To Yesterday (Instrumental)

Song Length 4:17 Genre Country - Americana

Well... isn't this a pleasant little tune!? Great use of the stereo-field with countered strumming guitars with either capo or different phrasing, and well mixed/executed mandolin and lead guitar on top of it all. Love the bending in the first verse.

Great melodies, and hook-like riff that keeps it coming back...and a nice, tasteful ending.

Well done!

This would be great composition for the exit credits on any country movie. Nothing better can be said. Very pleasing to hear.

beautiful man! felt like I was sitting in the room with you, that guitar recording quality was fantastic. Wish i could get mine that good. You must have some good mics. This would be an amazing track for any melancholy scene. Great emotion and dynamics. If this doesn't land a spot we should all just pack it up and go hame!

Guitar work is beautiful...the playing, recording, and processing!! The music is really lovely. Mandolin and guitar play off each other so well. Reminds me of some of my favorite guitar players from the 70's. Love it!!

Beautiful guitar work, instrumentation and artistry.

Very well arranged and performed. It would fit in well with the Bluegrass & Americana genre of today.

Music Greg Lambert
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