Ocean Way

Song Length 3:14 Genre Pop - Classic, Rock - Classic
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


Ocean Way
copyright 2005 by Bobby Lightfoot/boatsongs BMI/all rights reserved

His keys are lying on your underwear
Call me from Vegas when you make it there
I?ll take you somewhere beautiful?

After the errand that I run today
You won?t need nothing but the will to stay
And make the whole thing beautiful?

You?re like the ocean
Deep and lovely
Deep and lovely?
And I?m a lonely sailor
Drowning in your arms?

There?s something out there that you?ve gotta see
Like back at school when we were young and free
And life was long and beautiful?

You?re like the ocean
Deep and lovely
Deep and lovely?
And I?m the lonely seagull
Wheeling in your sky?

His Lincoln?s sitting right on Ocean Way
This is the start of your life today?

Lyrics Bobby Lightfoot Music Bobby Lightfoot
Producer Robert Sherwood Publisher boatsongs BMI
Performance Bobby Lightfoot Label high congress

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