My Prayers Were Answered

Song Length 4:13 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal


My Prayers Were Answered
copyright 2005 by Bobby Lightfoot/boatsongs/BMI/all rights reserved

I know I?m really not myself today
Beg your indulgence if I can
Would you believe that just a day ago
I was a lonely man?

The evening calls you like a lover?s touch
The sun is shining through the trees
You?re walking barefoot in a harborcoat
It?s quite a lovely dream?

And I know?
Nothing?s ever gonna come between us
And I know, and I know?
God forbid I think my prayers were answered?

I read a book about this happiness
Your name was printed on the sleeve
Somebody always has to tell me this-
There?s more than what you see?

And I know?
Nothing?s ever gonna come between us
And I know, and I know, and I know?
Cynic that I am, my prayers were answered?

Lyrics Bobby Lightfoot Music Bobby Lightfoot
Producer Bobby Lightfoot Publisher boatsongs BMI
Performance Bobby Lightfoot Label high congress

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