When Everything Was New

Song Description

The song is about two people who have spent some years together and find that they are losing interest in one another. They have gone from "comfort" with the relationship.. to "boredom" In the song they reflect back on how things were when everything w

Song Length 3:22 Genre Country - Contemporary, Folk - Country
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Fight, Numbness
Language English Era 2000 and later


We don't talk about it any more.
There's nothing else to say
we ain't worn out before.
Comfort turns to boredom,
boredom into blame.
Like everything through tired eyes.

And you're watching as I watch her.
Yopu stare across the room.
Then turn away so I won't see
through the smoky dance floor blues
Do you remember how I looked at you,
and how you looked at me?
Way back (then) - when everything was new.

We don't lite the candles anymore.
We go our seperate ways,
and out our seperate doors.
Our silence was once golden
until I missed your voice
But I;m stepping out, not looking back.

And I watching how you watch him,
your eyes follow every move.
And every sweet thing he tells you,
sounds just like the truth.
I remember how you looked at me
when I was special too.
Way back (then) - when everything was new.

Well now, Way back ... When everything was new
Way back ... When everything was new.

We don't talk about it anymore
there's nothing left to save
with what we had before
Just comfort turned to boredom,
our boredom into blame.
Like everything through tired eyes...
Stepping out, not looking back...
Way back when we had everything...
When..... everything was new.

Lyrics Dave Barta Music Dave Barta
Producer Dave Barta Publisher Dave Barta
Performance Dave Barta Label N/A

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