All Things Fade Away

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Native American traditions and histories were historically passed down to newer generations through the stories and oral traditions of the nation. The decay and destruction of the Native American culture in America is well documented. This song is my at

Song Length 4:03 Genre Rock - Easy Listening, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving Subject Change
Language English Era 1900 - 1920


Old man sings the praises of the land where he was born
All alone he sees the changes and his world is tired and torn
By a fire seeking wisdom from the ghosts that still respond
To an audience of his echos in the hours before the dawn

In his mind flows wild rivers through a valley green with spring
He remembers ancient givers in the sacred words he sings
But old man's wisdom weakens as the young ones come of age
Scattered sons and daughters - drifting sand and change.

Can you feel the pain of hearts broken-travelers
Would you care to know the things I know before I go away?
I'm the last one of my time, they've left me here behind
And the world I knew is crumbling beheath the weight of you

All things fade away

Can you hear some distant rumble? Some say spiral lanes of change
It's a world of faceless people, see the monuments they made.
A race for magic, shiny things. Made with little bits of world.
They're tearing down the things we knew-did they have to take it all?

Can you feel the pain of hearts broken-travelers?
Would you care to know the things I know, before I go away?
I'm the last one of my time. They've left me here behind.
Now the world won't hear a whisper of my passing.

All things fade away
It's just a whisper of our passing
All things fade away
If you listen you could hear
All things fade away
Just a whisper of our passing

Lyrics Dave Barta Music Dave Barta
Producer Dave Barta Publisher Dave Barta
Performance Dave Barta Label N/A

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