You took my place

Song Length 3:55 Genre Rock - Religious, Pop - Religious
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110)


You took my place
Words and Music by Billy Bradford
Nov 2005

D2 Dsus D Dsus
D2 Dsus
Broken for sinners
A2 Asus A
Poured out in love
Em7 G
the bread is Your Body
D Dsus D2 Dsus
the cup is Your blood

D2 Dsus
The pain and the sorrow,
A2 Asus A
Sufferin' and shame,
Em7 G
the cross that You carried,
D Dsus D2 Dsus /
You did in my Place

G Asus D Dsus
I will reme--------mber all of my days
That I am forgiven,
G Asus A7
saved by Your grace,
I will reme--------mber all of my days,
The way that You loved me,
Asus D Dsus D2 Dsus
When You took my place,

Lyrics Billy Bradford Music Billy Bradford
Producer Brian Steckler Publisher Billy Bradford
Performance Nine Stick Label Heavenbound Digital Studios
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