I Really Love Your Mind

Song Description

Someone "claims" to be mostly attracted to someone's intellect

Song Length 3:10 Genre Jazz - Lounge, Jazz - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Engaging, Delighted Subject Attracted, Crush
Language English


I was captured
By your smokey eyes
Your killer smile
Had me hypnotized
Took some time
Before I realized
That what I really love
Is your mind

Somewhat affected
By your sweet perfume
The way you move
As you cruise a room
I find your packaging
Is all well tuned
But what I really love
Is your mind
I Really Love Your Mind

Might get distracted by
Your honey flavored kissin'
Sometimes I'll linger there
But in your absence,
When I'm left to reminisin'
It's your fertile mind
That brings the biggest smile

I'm kinda noticin' the candle light
Won't complain
'Bout those soft love bites
I like the way you feed my appetite
But what I really love
What I really love
What I really love
Is your mind
I like the way it's defined
I like the way it's designed
Like the way it's inclined
I Really Love Your Mind

Stylistically, a welcome departure from much of the material I hear in this space. An intriguing harmonic and lyrical weave of considerable quality; old school flavor, but not without a touch of modernity. A knowledgeable and creative spirit sits behind this work for sure.

Very nice guitar intro/performance. Cool changes... chords/voicings take back to classic Donald Fagen-esque stuff. That cool vibe and vocal definitely put this one in that laid-back, lounge setting. Cool bridge... and the bass and drums are tasteful as they season the piece with just enough foundation for everything built on top. Cool... great job.

Nice Jazz! Love the guitar intro. Drums very suitable on how they sound, without drowning out the vocalist. Well done.

Bill Dake's smooth jazz songs are destined to be heard in lounges, bars, nightclubs and casinos around the world.

Nice smooth voice excellent for this type song sounds like a true lounge singer

The unusual chords in the intro are a nice touch. Smoky bar scene, cool dude singing at the piano. This could also work with all acoustic instruments, upright bass, etc. Nice.

The most interesting song I've heard today. Wild chord progression fromn the very top. The melody and lyrics perfect in the groove.
I love your mind...

nice chord structures and vocal management.

Mose Allison meets Michael Franks kind of a tune, vocals are clear, performances tight ... interesting concept ... very nice in a progressive 70's cool jazz sort of way.

Reminiscent of retro jazz standards ala Mel Torme. Very smooth vocal...lots of personality. The overall length of song is within commercial guidelines. I can hear this being played as background music in a movie or tv show in a lounge or casino scene. Stylistically correct for a jazz trio...lyrics were clever and conversational

A very original piece of work. Great vocal and musicianship. I love the lyrical concept of the song and the ironic sentiment therein. Very well recorded. Concise and to the point, which suits the song really well.

It's a lyrically clever song and has a great hook. The singer has a good voice for this type of music and the arrangement is decent. Overall, it's good for a demo to get gigs etc.

Loved it! When a tune grabs you from the start you got it! Lyrics are original and different, unexpected, YOUR MIND!! COOL!!! great job!!!!!

In this day and age of the commercialization of the objectification of women, it is heartwarming to hear a talented songwriter/male vocalist singing about loving someone's mind rather than their body! Love the whole song!

Nice lyrics and rhythmical surprises...

I like the strength of the instrumentation right from the get go. Wasn't sure, at first, if there would be vocals, but happy to hear when they started that they were well written and well sung, indeed! Nice overall message to the lyrics as well.


Nice bluesy jazz track. Good clear vocal delivery, and all the lyrics are clearly heard. Interesting lyric concept too. Great instrumental performances, nice laid-back jazz feel.

Cool sound. Almost live club. unique and fun lyrics

Nice randomness in the intro. Nice melody and the lyrics are cool. Every now and then there's a cool drum fill. Nice bass track, the drums need to swing with that bass! Nice chords on the guitar around the 2:30 mark.

Lyrics Bill Dake Music Bill Dake
Producer Bill Dake Publisher Bill Dake
Performance Bill Dake Label None
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