Story Behind The Song

Basic high school romance.....

Song Length 3:22 Genre Folk - Americana, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed Subject Lost Love
Similar Artists James Taylor Language English



Music and Lyrics by: Bill Dake
Copyright; 2015 billdakemusic ASCAP

Lookin' left, steppin' right
Across the sunburned grass
And down a wooden flight
Of stairs worn smooth by a million soles
Searchin' for solitude

Finds a spot down by the water's edge
Under some pale green willows
Shakes his head
As he wonders if she's wondered
Where his life has led

They were two hearts entangled, two souls at play
Two kids plannin' for their Getaway

Not sure why he's relivin' that dance
It was a long time ago
A cosmic circumstance
A brief sweet moment in a place called "Home"
Small town vision
With saltwater chromosomes

They found each other in a waking dream
Shared their secrets 'neath the evergreens
Promised "Love forever"
Like in a movie scene

They were
Two hearts entangled, two souls at play
Two kids plannin' for their Getaway
Two kids plannin' for their Getaway

But that's the past, it's gone
He knows he should let it lie
He can't bring it back
No matter how he tries
It's the past, it's gone

You see, she flew west
Over that slate-gray sea
To an island nest
His blue-eyed chickadee
Took her smiles
Took her harmonies
Still after all these years
And all the love he's found
Sometimes the breeze
Brings her ghost around
Carries him off to that yesterday
Two kids plannin' for their Getaway
Plannin' for their Getaway

A wonderful song that takes the listener back in time maybe to their own experience. Well sung to a familiar story. Nicely balanced pro production. Well done

Nice Jimmy Buffet sounds. Good mix.

You always bring great songs and well done ....

This is a master storyteller at his best! The story is clear and fun, engaging with super-original lyrics "saltwater chromosomes" - how cool is that? I just love this song from start to finish. Another great lyric: stairs worn smooth by a million soles Searchin' for solitude. That beautifully describes the steps down to the beach. Fantastic descriptive writing...but it doesn't sound wordy or cerebral. Just down home and as real as it gets. Guitar work, vocals, production, mix...all excellent but the storytelling gets top prize in my book.

Excellent guitar chording, and very tasteful lead guitar. The minimalist keys track was a great addition.
The instrumental and vocal tracks were mixed very well. Nice laidback folk-lite jazz vibe

This is a hybrid of folk and pop, a la James Taylor. There's a lot of potential to take it further.

Really cool vibe, kind of floats through the story-line. I hear a little John Sebastian feel to this one, nice. The drums sort of have a jazz avant-garde roll to it that make the number quite unique.

About 15 seconds in, I wondered why you didn't write this from the first person point-of-view. I think it would have been more effective, had you done so, to keep the listener's interest. As is, it's an "okay" song. The instrumentation was excellent, a really nice recording.

Lyrics Bill Dake Music Bill Dake
Producer Bill Dake Publisher billdakemusic
Performance Bill Dake Label none
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