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Written for a play that never happened. A person may get just one chance to speak... do it with courage and speak the truth.

Song Length 2:33 Genre Pop - General, Pop - General
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Peaceful Subject Encouragement
Language English



Music and Lyrics by: Bill Dake
Copywrite 1998 billdakemusic ASCAP

With only Five Minutes to conquer the world
Your feathers are shining
Your colors are all unfurled
Into the moment,
Dropping your guard
You'll lead with your conscience
You'll speak with an open heart

With three hundred seconds to make yourself heard
Your feet can't be draggin'
Your thoughts can't be blurred
The vision won't waiver
Your purpose is clear
Your three hundred seconds are near

Since your youth you've been searchin'
Bouncin' around
From one thing to another
Your soul tethered to the ground
The creatures you've nurtured
The words you've received
Have eaten the wisdom
From the dreams you had once believed

But now there's a vision
A reason to live
Don't deny child
You've survived child
To learn how to give
From the seeds that you've planted
Only love can be grown
With only Five Minutes
Three hundred seconds
Remember what you always have known

You've got a nice voice, very powerfull, the recording is also very good. Nice piano part as well.So overall I liked it a lot as you can see. keep up the good work!!

Lyrics Bill Dake Music Bill dake
Producer Bill Dake Publisher Bill Dake
Performance Bill Dake
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