Coast City

Story Behind The Song

Semi autobiographical.

Song Description

Sometimes what seems like a calamity can prove to be a blessing.

Song Length 3:36 Genre Folk - Americana, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Ocean, Sea, General Language English
Era 1990 - 1999



Music & Lyrics By Bill Dake
Copyright: 2010 billdakemusic ASCAP

I was stranded in a small Coast City
Old wheels had up and died
Found some shelter and a nice cold beer
To keep me mellow
Sun was low
Windows were golden
Thought I'd stay awhile

Started roamin' through the crisp cool evenin'
In search of salty air
Found a path that led to folks cookin'
Seafood gumbo
Friendly souls, asked me to share some
Sweet nectar from the grape vine
Steamed treasures from a low tide

Soon the stars were winkin'
Makin' a bed for the crescent moon
Naked toes were sinkin'
Into the grey-silver sand dunes

Soft landed in a small Coast City
Relaxed and sleepy-eyed
Dancin' crazy with some girl
In her autumn colors
Sparks floatin' up to meet the heavens
Mars' embers burnin' bright
Warmin' shadows as the the tide
Slowly eases ever closer

Laughter melts to whispers
A solo guitar paints a Latin theme
Music's sweet elixir
Flavors the breeze in my sea dream

I was stranded in a small Coast City

Great start. Solid production.

would be nice background music for a tv show

great recording. most listeners just wont get this tune. its too cool. great changes.
great instrumentation.

I totally enjoyed that all the way to the end....

Interesting tune. More Jazz than pop. Nice instramentation unique melody. Very unique descriptive lyrics which really told a story nicely done. Could see this in a film or even commercial. Vocals are very good. Nice job!

Interesting guitar intro - captivating. Tight band - some great rhythmic arrangements here with drum, keyboard. Lyrics are mellow and relaxing to listen to - sea dream, breeze, mellow, sun low, golden, stay a while. Folks and gumbo - very americana feel to this song. A beautiful feel good song enhanced by these appealing lyrics.

Very relaxed song, the kind you'd want to listen to while relaxing on a summer patio on a hot day. Very jazzy feel to it at about the one minute mark that was a nice change.

Nice blues jazz feel to it great vocals

Catchy groove!

Lyrics Bill Dake Music Bill Dake
Producer Bill Dake Publisher billdakemusic
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