Party Girls

Story Behind The Song

Praise to the girls that work to entertain (rich) people during pr events and parties. They are so attractive and cheerful, bring excitement and attract people. What is the dark side of their life? Did we ever think to them as the girl of the next door?

Song Description

Brit country song, inspired initially to Factory Girl of the Rolling Stones. I wanted to have sach song in my repertoire and I started trying to make a personal versions of it. As it usually happens in such cases, in the end I do not sound like the Stobnes and the song is a completely different thing. For God's sake.

Song Length 2:55 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Delightful Subject Excitement, Existence
Language English Era 2000 and later


Megan is an overnight sensation, What a dream the legs of Marilyn
Petra's got a nasty reputation, Marianne can make a dead man scream
Julie's got a frickin' pair of panties, Annie is stunning in stiletto boots
Angelina takes you back to Eden, Bonnie's coming from the poorer slums

Party girls, there is something good in every man
Here we go, they will take me back and forth
From paradise and walk away

Mary Jane is wearing dirty nylons, Lena's always asking for a gift
Jenny keeps a secret in her belly, Donna drives you crazy with her back

Party girls, there is something good in any man
Broken lives, we all rushing with no future
on a road of broken dreams

Lyrics Danilo Molaschi aka BigDee Music Danilo Molaschi aka BigDee
Producer Vincenzo Rucci Publisher Danilo Molaschi aka BigDee
Performance BigDee Label none

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