Good Day

Story Behind The Song

I cowrote this song with Jessi Lynn back in 2009. I found $50 in the pocket of a pair of overalls that I hadn't worn for months one morning and was so inspired that I started writing the first few lines of this song when I was out on my morning jog with my pooch Buddy. I decided it sounded too good to be true to say "fifty bucks" though, so I changed it to $20. Jessi and I had just gotten back from a tour in Texas and had so much fun together that we started kicking around some cowriting ideas. I was in Houston and she was in Atlanta, so I emailed her a rough mp3 of the first verse and chorus of the song and she ran with it. She tweaked the melody and added the second verse and bridge ideas. We tossed it back and forth a few more times to finalize and ta-da. Another Kille/Lynn song was born.

Song Description

A song about luck taking a turn for the better.

Song Length 3:01 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Bluegrass
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Blissful, Joyful Subject Joy, Fun
Similar Artists Zac Brown Band, Indigo Girls Language English
Era 2000 and later


Found $20 in my pocket
Woke up before my alarm
Got a full tank of gasoline in my chevy
And a new tattoo on my arm
The front page headline is happy
The weatherman's calling for big sunshine
And after all my bad luck lately
It's about damn time

It's gonna be a good day
It's gonna be a good day
It's gonna be a good day
It's gonna be a good, good day

It's all green lights on my way in
I finally wont be late
The birds are singin' a Bon Jovi song
And everything is going my way
Yesterday is over
Today I'm feelin' alright
After that bad luck lately
Gonna get what's mine


There's a for-sale sign on my windshield
I got a guy talking on the line
I'm finally gonna sell this old piece of shit
And get myself a brand new ride


Lyrics Beth Kille and Jessi Lynn Music Beth Kille and Jessi Lynn
Producer Beth Kille and Jake Johnson Publisher Thanatopsis and Jessi Lynn Music
Performance Beth Kille, Jessi Lynn and assorted musicians
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