Oxwich Bay

Story Behind The Song

Place where my wife and I kissed and came together despite the odds.

Song Description

Love story associated with favourite beach and revisited after 15 years. Some things had changed but love remained the same.

Song Length 4:15 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Folk - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Peaceful, Still
Subject Falling in Love, Love a Married Person Language English
Era 2000 and later


Oxwich Bay

I loved you the moment I first set eyes on you,
Hair shining gold over shoulders so bare
I never thought that I would get near you
Figured you never knew I was there
But I took my chance, and I made you the one
In the heat of the moment, the light of the sun
At Oxwich Bay

Soon we were lovers and lost in the crowd
Friends said they thought that it wouldn?t last
But you looked like an angel the day that we married
All of those doubts a thing of the past
I promised you that I?d never stray
Kept my word since we kissed that day
At Oxwich Bay

If you had the chance would you do the same over again?
Older and wiser you know now how it all ends
If you could turn back time, be nineteen again
Would you still do the crazy things that you?ve done
Would you be my friend?

Fifteen years on we went back to that place
To find those initials carved in that tree
But I didn?t find what I had expected
Put it down to my naiivity
But nothing has changed since those early days
Cos next to my heart I carved your name!
At Oxwich Bay

Phil James
© 2005 Best Ears Music

Lyrics Phil James Music Phil James
Producer Wal Coughlan Performance Phil James plus Session Artists
Label none
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