Love Called My Name

Story Behind The Song

Song idea struck me going down I65 toward Franklin, TN and I ended up writing most of the chorus and melody in a Taco Bell parking lot!

Song Description

The song reflects a believer's attitude of appreciation for God loving the unloveable.

Song Length 3:29 Genre Rock - Religious
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Gracious Subject Candy, Sugar, Rain
Similar Artists Sheryl Crow Language English
Era 2000 and later


Love Called My Name
Ben Bauman/Scott Riggan/Randy Thomas
Copyright 1999

I was the friend that denied you
Three times I denied you
When the third rooster crowed

And I, I handed you over
Thirty pieces of silver
Was the price of my soul

And there on the road to Damascus
I saw clearly what I was
When your blinding light came

And love called my name
When I was lost
I had no hope, til you came to me
You took away the shadows
That clouded my heart
I knew I was found
On that day
When love called my name

I, I was the man who
Was washing his hands to
Hand over a king

And I said I wouldn't believe it
Unless I could see it
The scarred hands and feet

And I was the thief hung beside you
Deserving to die
But you shouldered the blame


I was the friend they had laid in the grave
'Til I heard through the sorrowful cries
The voice that commanded the wind and the waves
Say arise, arise, and love called my name...

Lyrics Ben Bauman, Scott Riggan, Randy Thomas Music Ben Bauman, Scott Riggan, Randy Thomas
Producer Randy Thomas Publisher Cal IV Entertainment
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