Sea Shanti

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worry for daughter who's mother suffers with mental illness. Mother hears and sees things and used to tell daughter about these things. Daughter wishes she could understand what goes on in her mothers head. The illness came from childhood troubles and th

Song Length 5:00 Genre Rock - Classic, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Poignant, Troubled Subject Mother, Worry
Similar Artists The Eurythmics, Janis Joplin Language English


Sea Shanti

Tell me a story mama
Tell me a story
About the people you see, the people you hear in your head
Tell me a story, about the captain who sings you sea shantis
I wanna know what you see
I?ve heard you see me, sitting on your bed

La ?
Tell me a story x 3

Let me know
Let me know
Let me know what?s in your head
Write it down when you frown
Paint a picture when it hits ya
Come on
Let me know
Let me know
Let me know what?s in your head
Well there?s no shame in calling if you feel your falling

When you were smaller
You didn?t understand
Now that your older you can see that the
First years you had
Are why it?s so bad
And it won?t go away
It stuck and it stayed



mid 8

and I know that it?s sad
and I know how you are
your mouth gets dry
it?s no wonder why


Lyrics Belle and Richard Erskine Music Belle and Richard Erskine
Producer Belle and Richard Erskine
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