Our Place Our Home (Demo)

Story Behind The Song

Ben and I got together to write a song about the kind of community we wanted to create and be involved in, a song that allowed people to come into themselves and relax when they are stressed/distracted by the world, with themes of belonging, freedom, peace, home, escape, release, love and connection. We wanted it to be about real people, every day people coming together to enjoy each others' company - without pretence, throwing away the mask that divides us and being themselves. NOTE: This is only a demo version of the song. I will upload a professional recording once it is produced. If interested in buying or syncing the song before then, please contact me at info@beckfielding.com

Song Description

The song is written about an ideal of friendship and community - a "utopia", where life is simple, set in a beautiful scene in nature, hanging out with friends, enjoying specials times in this special "secret" place. The song can equally be interpreted as lovers having their special place. It's open to the audience.

Song Length 4:27 Genre Pop - Alternative, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female
Mood Cheerful, Joyful Subject Home, General
Language English Era 2000 and later



There's a place where we go
That nobody knows
Where the world passes by like a cloud
We can just let it go

We dive in the cool of the sea
Watching the sun setting low
It's our place, our home
We don't need to do anything
Just feel the warm orange glow
It's our home

Our place, our home
We've got our place our home
Our place, our home
Our home

Our voices rise through the trees
Drifting like smoke
With courage we sing, we sing to a beautiful song
And chatter and joke

We tell all our dreams to the stars
Sharing the call of our souls
It's our place, our home
We don't need to prove anything
Just letting the fire take hold
It's our home


Nobody's on show
No one stands alone
It's our place, our home

It's the end of the night almost dawn
Not a word left to say because
We belong

Our place, our home
We've got our place our home
Our place our home
Our home, our home
We've got our place our home

Lyrics Beck Fielding, Ben Charters Music Beck Fielding, Ben Charters
Producer Beck Fielding, Ben Charters Publisher Beck Fielding, Ben Charters
Performance Beck Fielding, Ben Charters Label Beck Fielding, Ben Charters

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