Song Description

Love Ballad

Song Length 3:54 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Dreampop
Era 2000 and later


by Barb Bechler


If you want me to, I'll write you a tender song
I need you to know it's not easy to do
When I look towards the sea, and you inspire me
I'll write it this song for you, I'll play this sweet song for you


Sometimes a small doubt takes over my heart
When you turn away I fear you might not be there
Was it my imagination? Did I catch a shy look?
Fleeting, but aware--- your face shows me you care


No Words are needed
You're looking back at me
With a gaze so free, it
takes me on an odyssey

Is it possible?
You want the world for me
And the world to see
our odyssey


If you ask me to, I'll fly across the skies with you
All you need to do is take and hold my hand
When we fly away, and I say okay
I'll carry your heart on my wings because I care


No words are needed
You're looking back at me
With a gaze so free
it takes me on an odyssey

It's incredible!
You want the world for me
And the world to see
Just you and me
In our odyssey
Oh, Our odyssey

Lyrics Barbara Bechler Music Barbara Bechler
Publisher Barbara Bechler Performance Kelsey
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