Happy Daze

Story Behind The Song

The banjo riff got the whole thing going.

Song Description

Hurricane Katrina in the past and a new president got the folks on Bourbon Street in a daze one the way to recovery and Marti Gras partytime.

Song Length 4:04 Genre Folk - Traditional, Blues - Delta
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Glad, Delighted Subject Celebration, City
Similar Artists Leon Russell, Dr. John Language English
Era 2000 and later


Happy Daze

The Sky is blue and the storm is gone
I knew it wouldn't take too long
Got ourselves a new President
He's gonna get me a job so I can pay the rent.

Happy Days are here again
Down in New Orleans
Happy Days are here again
Happy Days are here again
Down on Bourbon Street
Happy Days are here again

Get a drink at the Red Fish Grill
Eat dirty rice till I get my fill
Marti Gras man it gets so hot
I'll throw you some beads
You show me what you got


Put a dollar in my coffee can
And I'll play my banjo till the Saints go marching in
Like o'l Bo Jangles gonna dance all night long
So get another drink and everybody sing along


Prenevost Music (ASCAP)
banjoman1961@gmail.com Cell 702-533-3244
From the 2009 CD - I Miss Lake Bemidji

Lyrics Frank Prenevost Music Frank Prenevost
Producer Frank Prenevost Performance Frank Prenevost
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