Bury Our Heads

Story Behind The Song

This is history.... Thank God! When this song was written, I had been let down by a business partner, and was also feeling disillusioned by religion. It is just a statement made in 2004, but still holds up as a strong reminder of how things used to be.

Song Description

Progressive and intense, yet melodic... Song about being let down and being resigned to the fact that we turn a blind eye to injustice, and carry on with life blindly. Underlying feeling of resigned confusion.

Song Length 4:47 Genre Rock - Progressive Rock, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Diplomatic Subject Existence, Conformity
Similar Artists Peter Gabriel, David Bowie Language English
Era 2000 and later


Standing on the edge of time,
Not knowing where the wind will take me
I thought I knew which way to go
Vanity and greed forsake me

I thought I knew who to trust
And everything was clearly written
Another dream has turned to dust
Another friend is smitten

CH. And honesty cannot be trusted
Forever change the minds of man
And life's illusions cover (shadow) the truth
So we bury our heads in the sand

Standing on the edge of darkness
Cannot see the light behind
I looking out across the void
I strain my eyes but they are blind


So we bury our heads in the sand.

Lyrics N D Austin Music N D Austin
Producer N D Austin Performance Buried Heads

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