Alien Invasion

Story Behind The Song

Everything is possible and all concepts are proabable through God!! He is the Master of all... Peace

Song Description

In the book by Chuck he refers to The Aliens as being posssibly being the Nephlium from The book of Genisis. If you have not read the book and are into last day theroys and stuff. It is a must read. That is what sparked the lyrics for this song

Song Length 3:22 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Rock - Heavy Metal
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disturbed, Anxious Subject Existence, Universe
Language English Era 2000 and later


Alien Invasion

Ohhh, ohhh, yeahhh, ahhhh, yeahhh ohhhh, ohhh, ahhhh
I close my eyes, can?t believe the fright
I shake and tremble, Blinded the sight
I run like hell, run to save my life
They?re on the Planet, Harvest on their mind

Alien Invasion?Alien Invasion

You?re a mistake, a liability; you?re the blame,
You took their fire Immersion, submersion,
Surrounded they must be purged, yeah must be purged
Let me hear you play

Who?s in charge, of this brigade, the bloodletting?
Is so upsetting, Oh crap their hungry again
Can?t stand the pain STOP THE FIRE
Stop the fire stop the fire Here it goes

Astonished, steamrolled, overtaken
Locked up in this hole Hovercraft
Twice the speed of sound hear the screams
Feel the geese?s hold on tight Conquest
Ohhhh ohhhhh yeahhhh ohhhhhh

Music by Bernie F. Dulieu
Lyrics By David D. Ower

Lyrics David D. Ower Music Bernie F. Dulieu
Producer Bernie F. Dulieu Publisher Bernie F. Dulieu
Performance Bernie F. Dulieu & David D. Ower Label Bernie F. Dulieu & David D. Ower
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